Instructions for In-between Living

Strangers with a secret handshake, an understanding.

You know, the social contract, the words we choose or the things we don’t stare at.

Sometimes, though, it can break.

That unspoken, messy feeling in the pit of our stomach when trust is leaving.

When we encounter moments that steer our comfort, then thoughts that steal our nature.

Or vice versa.

Who we think we are and who we think others think we are.

Suppressing sincerity while gaining favor.

Love, then loss, then regret.

Either on a tightrope, holding our breath and thinking our every move.

Or simply riding a wave, feeling nature move through us.

Bouncing between a tearing awkwardness and an elegant dance.

The distance between our interior and our exterior.

If only we would trust our nature and lift the veil of self-reliance.

To a life where we hold kindly and give genuinely.

To a life of simply being.

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