Doubt is Just a Thought

“Beliefs are not tattoos, they are just like clothes – you can put them on and take them off at will.” -Kevin Horsley

Thoughts are unique reflections of our imagination. They can transform into beliefs and even emotions given enough toiling. Then there’s evidence. Evidence, in essence, can also be subjective when you try to analyze it through the filters of your mind and senses, not to mention the window of collaboration.

The universe does in fact have true facts, thoughts or evidence, but these can be elusive to everything besides itself. Especially elusive to self-centered, semi-sentient beings like ourselves.

But perhaps there’s a practical, underutilized side to our imagination. When an idea or doubt crosses our mind, we may choose to believe it, or we can replace it with a “belief option,” an alternative idea better-suited to the situation.

In fact we are quite moldable despite our beliefs to the contrary. It’s amazing how flexible our mind can be given its lesser-lauded qualities, namely, labyrinthine thought and confirmation-biased outlook. Just look at the billions of realities walking around out there, usually unquestionably convinced of their rightness.

Once you tell yourself something new, you surprisingly begin to see evidence supporting it from the complexity and randomness of the world and the plasticity of your mind as it notices a thousand different things. Since they’re private, you can keep them to yourself and not be questioned as you suss them out to your satisfaction.

Perception is nine-tenths of reality, and our perception can easily be used to our advantage. You don’t have to believe what you, or anyone else, expects you to believe. There’s power in maybe and the vastness of the mind.

But drop the maybe and just speak to yourself like a friend. Be the you you love and want to better, in ways you can not only imagine, but manifest.

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