Doubt Juice or Certain Tea

A lot of my life has centered around my struggle with certainty and uncertainty. I’m made up of those questioning parts, and surely I’m made up of my beliefs as well. When the “me” system isn’t working so well, I get in a mental rut and live day-to-day without progressing.

But thankfully, I’m learning it’s okay to have uncertainty. There’s nothing wrong with it. It’s okay to give people the benefit of the doubt. It’s okay to question yourself. Used correctly and applied at the right times, doubt is a very effective grease that lubricates the mental joints and gets you out of that rut.

On the flip side, I can trust my beliefs most of the time, in a way doesn’t hinder me, but helps me. Belief in myself. Belief in others. Belief in niceness and love. These are some of the things I trust.

It’s all a delicate balance, when you mix doubt with certainty. Like many things in life, I feel my way through it. I try to always follow my heart.

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