Journey of Moments

When I think of Nick Nolte, I think of his raspy voice and scraggly hair. But recently I’ve been thinking about his Yoda-like qualities, at least in the movie “Peaceful Warrior”.

The title of the movie describes Yoda well. If you think about it, he embodies peace and knowledge, and also knows when to open a can of whoop ass on an Imperial guard. Likewise Nolte’s character can perform amazing acts like jumping onto a roof when no one is looking (that wasn’t meant to sound funny). He can also astound you with his words of advice. Yoda and Nolte are ninja philosophers, able to carve your mind open like a cantaloupe with a sword as well as an idea.

The crux of Nolte’s advice is about living in the moment and being mindful of your surroundings. By incorporating and appreciating everything around you, you become more peaceful. This leads to an inner strength that focuses the mind and allows you to perform incredible things. This is all good and dandy in theory, but the movie left me a little confused and frustrated about how to apply this stuff to my life. I can’t memorize all his sayings, and for sure I can’t “free my mind” and jump on roofs. I mean what exactly does “live in the moment” mean? Sure as Shirley, I don’t know what it means.

Then there came a “moment of clarity”. After stewing on the movie, I realized that a “moment” can be any length of time, not necessarily something short like a second. Moments are what you make them. A kiss, an entire movie, whatever you want. I think it’s a period of relaxation, focus and happiness… all rolled up into one experience. It was always this lack of clarification and openness that blocked me from effectively living in the moment.

I also think sometimes you can jump from moment directly to another moment. You don’t need to think about the past or the future. And when it’s right for you, you can change pace and start anew, in effect creating a journey of lively beautiful moments. I can only hope that I’m lucky enough to have some of these sublime journeys every once in a while.

Well, the experience of writing this blog has in itself been a wonderful moment. It was fun and has put me at peace. I’m not ready to jump on roofs, at least not literally, but I’m doing it… I’m living in a beautiful moment.

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