Finding Philips

So a while back I wrote about my Philips, a figment of my imagination that would magically come to my side when I needed help. I also wrote of the impossibility of a perfect world and how because of this, my Philips couldn’t exist. Tonight I remembered a place were he does exist…

In dreams.

Dreams have tremendous power. On rare occasions, I believe the tables are turned and you are granted some control over your dreams. During those times, the physical world truly melts away and your mind is free… free to see that perfect world.

That fateful day started like any other. Nothing noteworthy, just another day, and sleep came easily and gently that night. I remember the beginning of my sleep as just darkness, which always ushers me into a dream and has an almost contradictory feeling, calming yet uneasy. The next thing I knew the dream had begun and down the rabbit hole I was thrust.

My dream was vivid like usual, probably because of my medication, but not necessarily. The key thing, though, was that I could control myself in the dream, instead of the dream taking its own course. I remember flying wherever (and whenever) with a child-like abandon. Space and time were putty that could be shaped and molded. I chose to go back and have sex with a girl I liked in college. I could get used to this “dream-weaving” of sorts. It was exhilarating. Wonderful. Sublime.

However, I found this space-putty tricky to manipulate. My mind was so used to the strict dogma that usually limited it. It was having a hard time letting go of control. The rational mind was battling the magical mind, but each one was trying to find some common ground.

I awoke too soon with a gasp, eyes wide, back in the real world in an amazement stupor. After lying there for a while, gradually growing more cognizant, I got up. I was hungry. I went to the fridge to get a frozen popsicle and picked purple for it is my favorite. But for some reason it wasn’t frozen. I threw the purple popsicle away, then retrieved it, threw it away again, then finally retrieved it and placed it back in the freezer. I’m not entirely sure why I did that. Maybe I was holding onto my dream and some of its magic had leaked out. Now I have a magic wand… a flaccid, purple, popsicle magic wand.

But the popsicle didn’t work. It wouldn’t summon my Philips or even make me waffles. My tiny Philips, I believe, would be able to give me more insight into the dream and the magic it contained. He could help me find that perfect world, a realm where physics and magic exist simultaneously and form one consciousness. I see Philips as the outstretched hand coming from that magical side. My rational mind just needs to believe it’s there and grab a hold.

For now I guess I’ll just dream the old-fashioned way. Maybe one night, when the fates align or whatever, I’ll be able to visit that perfect world again. Perhaps Philips would have more delicious magical popsicles when I arrive.

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