… Can Often End in Disappointment???

If you couldn’t tell, the “man who traversed the wilds of Peru” in 1999 and discovered Llama Llogic was none other than the writer of this blog – “The Rockin’ Llama” AKA “Really Bored Guy With A Computer” AKA me. Going against the philosophy of Llama Llogic, there was one answer to a question that I’ve been curious about for a while… well probably just the past week… but it’s still important! Or maybe frivolous?! I haven’t decided just yet. I guess it depends on the answer.

Llamas forgive me please. I will always be befuddled and loving it – just like you.

Moving along. So I decided to do a Google search on the secret of life. I don’t know what I was expecting… Some great insight. Someone’s great epiphany that they decided to share with the world. Maybe zilch. What I did find was a lot of just “good” answers.

Sites about DNA and other science. Sites about Faith Hill. Sites that were obscure (well, more than Faith Hill) that I didn’t spend much time on. Sites about spirituality, but not many. Sites with famous quotes that were clever and thought-provoking. Many people said that the secret of life is there is no secret of life… live it and keep going.

I was no more convinced of a secret to life than when I started. I could hear the llamas laughing. I was starting to really understand why llamas don’t burden themselves with answers to questions… it can drive you mad. So I laughed too and started writing this blog here. I was hoping something from all of those sites would gel together and give me something. Llamas, I don’t give up that easy.

Here’s where I start to sound a bit like a pompous ass, if I hadn’t managed to do that already. Please believe that I am just a stupid bloke who’s bored and should be doing more important things.

So I remembered seeing a YouTube video a long time ago and part of it stuck out in my mind: Life is about recognizing patterns in the things around us. (Pompous assing has begun. Sorry). So making sense of this world is giving meaning to the patterns we see. It’s what life is all about, I reckon. (Pompous assing climaxing). So my theory on the the secret to life is: keep searching for meaning. I guess it’s the basis of learning and human growth. (Officially a pompous ass :).

The search for meaning is a choice though. I could just sit here staring in the distance… like those llamas. Maybe Llama Llogic isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. We human beings need to grow and learn shit, the shit not just being the questions, but the answers too. Sometimes we get lucky. Sometimes we get answers.

All of this is probably a cliché. Probably a frivolous one too.

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